For the first time in human history, the living are able to make real attempts at studying the afterlife. Lead the first mission into this new frontier as a team of four researchers and scientists—are these visions just random neural firings, or are you really on your way to another world?

The Absence of Is was based on a novel of the same name by Jeffrey Klinicke, and was built in a month for Antholojam I - a curated anthology of short games themed after golden age science fiction.


  • 10 distinct levels ranging from the mundane to the magical
  • 4 characters with rich personal histories
  • Beautiful soundtrack by Michael Bell, award winning composer for Eidolon


The Absence of Is was made in a short time-frame and is not well-tested. You should be able to download it with ~75mb of free hard drive space, and it shouldn't take more than ~250mb of RAM to run. However, it may or may not run smoothly, depending on your setup. If you are unsure whether you'll be able to run it, feel welcome to try it out—if it doesn't run at a reasonable speed, email your system specs (so we can get a feel for it's real requirements) and a purchase receipt to kevin@icewatergames.com for a full refund.