What the H*ck is Tenderfoot Tactics?

Tenderfoot Tactics is an homage to my favorite game since I was a wee bab, Final Fantasy Tactics. I also see it as my follow-up to Eidolon, though that might be a little harder to see right now.

It’s still a wild-at-heart creative baby that could become ANYTHING so no promises y’all, but:

  • Single player open-world campaign,
  • Magical, lighthearted, and very cute faces you hang out with,
  • Bunch of little humans you take care of and battle against other little humans,
  • Extensive party customization: class system, magic, and a wide breadth of equipment,
  • Dynamic terrain that simulates based on deterministic but complex rulesets, which you wrassle with but which ultimately wrassles you,
  • Wildly weird and good soundtrack by Michael Bell, who did the excellent audio for Eidolon and Viridi,
  • Rest of it currently done by myself, Kevin Maxon, who lead the team on Eidolon and did a bunch of stuff on Viridi, among other things,
  • Probably PC/OSX/Linux, hopefully consoles (but help us build visibility and that becomes a lot more likely!),
  • Will not be done by the end of 2017.

I'm planning on being extremely open about Tenderfoot Tactics throughout development from here on out, so if you're curious go to our sparse little page for it, watch the teaser, and follow us via those social media links.