Downloads are available immediately, DRM-free, for PC and Mac. Steam keys will be distributed through the Humble Store. 

Eidolon is available on multiple storefronts, but we recommend purchasing through the above widget (the Humble Store). Through Humble we get a much larger cut of profits, and a significant amount of the remainder is donated to charities. Also, unlike with purchases made through Steam, the above widget provides infinite DRM-free downloads as a bonus.

However, after purchasing, we recommend redeeming your Steam key and playing primarily through Steam, as they provide the most seamless update-experience as we continue patching.

MAC USERS: While the game will run fine on recent machines with low settings, it seems to struggle to match the performance of the PC build. If smooth, high frame-rates are a must for you, you may be disappointed. MOREOVER: Due to engine issues that are out of our control, the game runs especially poorly on Macs with dedicated Nvidia or Intel Iris Pro graphics cards. We apologize.