Wildflower is a story-driven RPG about a young witch and her life in a new town. You will make friends and solve problems, fight demons and witch hunters, commune with the forest spirits, forage, garden, cook, and craft.
When Myriam arrives in Delltown, a cheerful but secretive village, she finds her childhood friend is missing. 

The beekeeper's hives are swarming and black knot plagues Freyvald's cherry trees. They could use a witch, but is it safe to offer help? Will you offer your expertise with brewing potions to help the apothecary with her ailments? How will you help the baker with her hurt child, if revealing yourself may endanger you?
Venture into the wilds to forage for flowers, berries, mushrooms, and more. Bring rare seeds to your garden to grow them with care.

Make pottages, teas, elixirs, for personal protection or to help a friend. Follow ancient recipes or get creative in the kitchen and develop new brews yourself.
Build relationships with the townspeople through small kindnesses, gifts of service, and simple conversation. Maybe even fall in love. But be careful who you trust. In times like these, a witch needs good friends.
Venture deep into the woods, where none else would tread, where forgotten giants lay sleeping, where the Daybreakers hunt.

Engage in turn-based encounters with spirits and creatures of the wildlands, demons that haunt the ruins, and, if you aren't careful, even soldiers of the Everburning Empire. Some enemies may be pacified with simple gifts. Some may be frightened off or lulled to sleep. Sometimes you must show force or flee. Find creative solutions to get what you need and keep yourself safe.
We're developing the rich, magical combat from Tenderfoot Tactics with a much larger map, a new focus on scale (some units many times the size of others), emotional attributes and abilities, visibility and stealth.

Wildflower's gardening builds off of the patient plant tending from Viridi and the creative cooking is inspired by Breath of the Wild. Expect to roam a mysterious, hand-crafted open world looking for ingredients and old secrets.

Wildflower is sincerely story based with fully developed  characters who have relationships, histories, and stories that change over the seasons. Who you choose to spend time with, who you help and how, will matter. Who will stand beside you, when the witch hunter comes to Delltown?

We've been working on this since late 2020, and hope to release in 2022, but have plans to share a lot more along the way, so make sure to follow the project!

We have links to all our social media pages here!

Langley Hyde

Writing, narrative design, creative direction

Madison Pathe

Video, social media

Michael Bell

Sound and music

Zoe Vartanian

Art, UI, design, creative direction


Code, art, game design, creative direction
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