Independent game developer located in Seattle, WA.

Creators of Eidolon and The Absence of Is.

Currently working on Viridi (a meditative potted plant app) and three unnamed projects.



Kevin dropped out of art school to build an unconventional game design degree at Fairhaven College. He lead the development of Eidolon, founded Ice Water Games, and hopes to never work a real job. He’s now leading the development of a super secret turn-based tactics game.




Zoe graduated from WWU with a BA in Design and Fine Arts. She quit her corporate graphic design job to become a co-owner at Ice Water Games, where she was already graphic designer and artist on Eidolon and The Absence of Is. She is now project lead on Viridi. In her spare time she enjoys talking to her dog.


Isa is a person who doesn’t really know what he is doing, but he has some stories he would like to tell and he really likes video games. He did some writing for Eidolon and is coding for Viridi. Isa is leading the development of a new project about information trading.


Jeff Klinicke is an English Major who graduated WWU with a focus in Creative Writing. He enjoys reading, writing, and playing games for inordinate amounts of time. He helped design and build the worlds for both Eidolon and The Absence of Is. For now he is working on a game which explores the very darkest corners of the human soul.‏