Fire Place

Enjoy a comforting fire
Fire Place is for people who want the simple pleasure of building and maintaining a fire over the course of the night: something beautiful, complex, and soothing to watch, a living presence in your space with you.

Put Fire Place on that big screen in your living room during friendly gatherings, especially on cold winter nights. Holler at your co-hosts to put another log on when the fire starts to dwindle. Enjoy the crackle and the quiet flicker of warm light.
[gif of a fire in the woods]
Fire Place is launching with four environments: a northwest Forest, an old brick fireplace in Seattle, a bright Santa Fe stucco, and the Washington coast.
[the forest]
In addition, three artists have contributed a personal touch -
[the forest]
Look for the addition of new environments from featured artists as the season progresses.
Badru - Programming, game design, and art
Michael Bell - Sound and music